Samsung Unveils 8K TV Superchip

Samsung Unveils 8K TV Superchip
The new display driver integrated circuit will allow the company to make 8K bezel-less TVs.

(CCM) — Samsung has perfected an ultra-powerful new video chip which will allow it to make bezel-less 8K TVs, the company has announced.

The 8K display driver IC (DDI) chip has a phenomenal 4 Gbps bandwidth, allowing it to transmit true 8K resolution images to 8K display panels with minimal requirements for other auxiliary componentry. This completely eliminates the need for a bezel around large TVs with a display size of 65-inches or more, because the purpose of a bezel is to hide these auxiliary components.

The new chip will also allow more streamlined product designs, the company says. "The 8K DDI’s advanced performance at 4Gbps intra-panel interface speed minimizes the added clutter around the display panel that offers more freedom in premium 8K TV designs."

8K bezel-less TVs could look so realistic that they will resemble windows, and consumer electronics companies including Sony have already announced that they are working on them. Many Japanese manufacturers are rushing to have these ready by 2020, in time for the Tokyo Olympics which are due to be broadcast in 8K resolution.

8K TVs require powerful video chips because 8K images require four times more bandwidth than HD television images. These in turn require four times more bandwidth than standard definition television broadcasts.

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