1 TB Storage Chip for Phones Unveiled

1 TB Storage Chip for Phones Unveiled
Smartphones equipped with Samsung's new eUFS chip will be able to store 260 ten-minute 4K videos.

(CCM) — Samsung has announced a new memory chip with a record-breaking capacity, paving the way for smartphones with 1 TB of storage.

The 1 TB embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) chip is powered by 16 stacked layers of Samsung's fifth-generation 512 GB V-NAND , offering 20 times more storage capacity than a standard 64 GB internal memory chip. To put this into perspective, smartphones equipped with the new chip will be able to store 260 ten-minute videos in 4K UHD format, while the 64 GB eUFS used in many current high-end smartphones can store just 13 videos of this length and resolution.

Many existing phones can have their internal storage capacity augmented with the addition of a plug-in SD memory card, but Samsung says that its new chip is ten times faster than an SD card, offering read speeds of up to 1,000 MBps.

Samsung adds that it has the capacity to manufacture the new chip for any smartphone vendors that want to incorporate it into their flagship models.

The company has not yet announced a 1 TB smartphone of its own, but the first model to include the new chip may well be the new Galaxy S10, which is expected to be unveiled later next month.

Image: © Samsung.