Samsung Clings to Smartphone Top Spot

Samsung Clings to Smartphone Top Spot
Samsung and Apple lose ground to Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo in the global smartphone market.

(CCM) — Samsung has managed to maintain its position as the top-selling smartphone vendor worldwide in 2018, despite seeing its sales volumes plummet, according to Canalys.

Overall the company sold 293.7 million smartphone units, giving it 21.2% of the global market. These figures are considerably better than Apple's: it sold 212.1 million units, putting it in second place with 15.3% of global smartphone sales.

But in overall terms 2018 was catastrophic for Samsung, with sales dropping by more than 7%. Apple's sales, by contrast, fell by just 1.7%.

The biggest winner in the global smartphone market was Huawei, the controversial Chinese electronics manufacturer. Huawei's smartphone sales shot up by more than 34% in 2018, propelling the company to the number three spot in the market, well ahead of rival Chinese brands Xiaomi and Oppo.

Xiaomi recorded sales of an impressive 120.3 million units, enjoying annual sales growth of over 31%, while Oppo sold a fractionally smaller 119.6 million units, up 6.9%.

Overall the market leaders Samsung and Apple are losing ground to the three Chinese manufacturers, and at the current rate of growth Huawei will take over the number two spot from Apple sometime in 2019.

Image: © Samsung.