Messenger Rolls Out Unsend Feature

Messenger Rolls Out Unsend Feature
Facebook has unveiled a feature on its Messenger service that allows users to delete sent messages.

(CCM) — Facebook has added a feature to its Messenger service that allows users to delete messages that they have already sent, according to reports by The Independent. Henceforth, users who have sent a message to the wrong person or who regret a message that they have sent can easily choose to unsend it.

To access the feature, a user simply needs to tap on and hold the message that they want to delete within 10 minutes of sending it. They, then, receive two options: Remove for Everyone and Remove for You. If the user selects to remove the message for everyone in the conversation, the deleted message is replaced by a note saying it has been removed. However, even after a message has been deleted, users still have the option to report it as abusive.

The rollout of the feature comes after users discovered that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had the power to delete messages that he had sent, causing an Internet uproar. Facebook confirms that this new feature is inspired by Zuckerberg's ability to delete at-will, but insists that it is the result of "some improvements to provide broader functionality to people using Messenger."

Users should see the new feature on their iOS and Android devices starting today, according to Facebook.

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