Fitbit Launches Free Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Launches Free Fitness Tracker
The Fitbit Inspire will be given away by employers and insurance companies.

(CCM) — Fitbit has introduced a basic fitness tracker that it designed to be handed out free to end users, Tech Radar is reporting.

The Fitbit Inspire is aimed at businesses and health insurance companies, according to the report, who will give them to employees and customers to encourage them to stay healthy. It will not be sold direct to consumers through Fitbit's web site.

Given that basic nature of the Inspire it is surprisingly capable, featuring a touchscreen display that shows the time and other information such as call and message notifications, sleeping tracking, and an optional heart rate monitor. The device can be worn as a wristband or clipped to clothing, and is available in white or black.

The introduction of the Inspire may prove to be an inspired move by Fitbit, because the consumer market for fitness products is slowing. Some health insurance companies already offer Apple Watches to their customers, so a much lower-cost — albeit more basic — fitness tracker such as the Inspire could end up attracting large bulk orders from similar companies. This could result in the tracker accounting for a significant proportion of Fitbit's future income as consumer sales tail off.

Image: © Fitbit.