Instagram Tests Desktop Direct Messaging

Instagram Tests Desktop Direct Messaging
Instagram users will soon be able to use Direct messaging through the web on desktop systems.

(CCM) — Instagram has secretly been developing a feature which allows users to send and receive messages through its Direct messaging service using the web on mobile devices and desktop systems, according to a Verge report.

The Facebook-owned company launched its Direct standalone messaging mobile app in 2017, but until now it has largely neglected desktop users. It is possible to access Instagram itself from a desktop over the web, but this simply provides a way for users to view their feed. There is no ability to upload photos or stories, and Instagram has said that it has no plans to change this.

So it is not clear why Instagram has decided to open up Direct to desktop users, but this is likely connected with Facebook's announcement that it intends to merge its WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram messaging services into a single unified platform.

The testing of Direct for desktop users was discovered by respected app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who tweeted a screenshot of the feature, the report says.

Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 for approximately $1 billion and took over WhatApp two years later for a estimated $19.3 billion.

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