Google Plots iPhone XR Rival

Google Plots iPhone XR Rival
Google is reportedly planning to launch a Google phone that aims to snap up the iPhone XR's customer base.

(CCM) — According to sources quoted by Nikkei, Google has plans to develop and release a moderately priced smartphone this year. This move falls in line with the company's plans to roll out more hardware in a bid to draw in more users to its ecosystem.

This rumored smartphone would be its first non-premium device aimed at price-sensitive customers as well as those in emerging markets. According to Nikkei's sources, it will be priced lower than Apple's cheapest iPhone device, the XR, which retails at $749 minimum, effectively positioning it as a cheaper alternative to Apple's offer. This comes at a time where Apple is struggling with disappointing sales and global smartphone sales have fallen overall.

The new device is at the forefront of Google's drive to increasingly inject the market with its devices in order to expand its ecosystem. According to Nikkei sources, Google plans to release a host of new hardware this year, including smart speakers, wearables, and web cameras.

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