Subscribers Can Gift Free Apple Music

Subscribers Can Gift Free Apple Music
Apple has notified Apple Music subscribers that they will be able to gift friends and family with a free month of the service.

(CCM) — According to reports on Twitter, Apple Music has sent out a push notification advertising its new referral promotion that allows subscribers to invite their non-Apple-Music-using friends to use the service for free for one month. This free month is added on to Apple Music's existing three-month-long free trial period.

Access to the freebie is done via the push notification sent to user phones, which redirects to an Apple-hosted webpage with the tagline, "Apple Music is better with friends. So give one of yours a free month." They can, then, choose the friend or family member with whom they would like to share their free month gift and send them a custom referral link by text message.

This move appears to be an effort on Apple's part to draw in new users in the Apple Music ecosystem. The webpage states that membership renews automatically after the end of the trial period.

However, some recipients have pointed out that Apple has violated its own AppStore guidelines, which specifies that apps may not leverage push notifications "for advertising, promotions, or direct marketing purposes."

It is not yet clear if this promotion will be available internationally, or only in the U.S. as the Twitter reports suggested.

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