Chrome to Shut Down Incognito Mode Blocking

Chrome to Shut Down Incognito Mode Blocking
Google will tighten the reins on websites that block users from browsing Chrome using Incognito Mode.

(CCM) — Google is filling the loophole in its Incognito Mode that allows websites to detect when users are browsing in private mode. According to a report by 9to5Google, a new set of code changes is behind this, undoubtedly much to the chagrin of developers who traded in their ability to sidestep Chrome’s private mode.

The code change essentially involves Chrome creating a virtual file system using RAM when asked for a file system, to ensure that it will be completely deleted once the user exits Incognito Mode. Google expects that this will make it impossible for websites to detect whether Chrome is being used in Incognito Mode and, therefore, impossible to restrict access as a result.

Websites that make their money from tracking audience data, advertising, and providing premium content were particularly guilty of using this loophole to block content, as this forced users to deactivate the feature, if only for the time that they were using the website. As a result, they were able to capitalize on data and force subscriptions on users who, otherwise, wished to remain undetectable while browsing.

It is not yet clear when this modification will be officially put in place in Google Chrome. According to the developer responsible for the project as cited by 9to5Google, it could be released as early as in the coming days. Early versions of this change will be behind a flag, but later versions are expected to integrate it by default.

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