Samsung Unveils Foldable Smartphone

Samsung Unveils Foldable Smartphone
Samsung has unveiled a foldable smartphone, suggesting a new era in smartphone use for the masses.

(CCM) — At its “Unpacked” event in San Francisco, Samsung unveiled The Galaxy Fold, alongside a host of other new products. The device is most notable for its display that can either be used in tablet form or folded to the size of classic Galaxy devices.

In tablet form, the device measures 7.3 inches, with a 4.2:3 aspect ratio, a 1,536 x 2,152-pixel resolution, and a screen density of 420 dip. This can, then, be folded using an otherwise invisible hinge system down to 4.6 inches. In its folded position, the display, also known as the “Cover Display,” has a 21:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 840 x 1,960 pixels, a screen density of 420 dpi. When the phone is transitioned from smartphone to tablet mode, the screen remains the same, with adjustments to adapt it to a bigger panel and provide support for multiple windows.

The Galaxy Fold also uses Samsung’s long-awaited Infinity Flex display, and app creators have already gotten to work creating software that fully leverages its capabilities. However, Samsung is aiming to preserve the autonomy of previous devices, despite the foldable’s increased abilities.

The Galaxy Fold will be available in black, silver, green, and blue. The device, priced at $1,980, will reach stores on April 26.

Samsung may be a pioneer in the foldable smartphone endeavor, but Apple is hot on its heels. Last week, Forbes noted that, in October 2018, Apple applied for a patent on “Flexible Display Devices” with several hinge design options and use cases. However, experts are hesitant to take this as a sign that Apple will release its own foldable smartphone. Instead, if Samsung’s Galaxy Fold does, indeed, represent an emerging trend, Apple will be able to profit from licensing of its patents on the format.

Image: © Samsung.