Apple Music Could Come To Google Home

Apple Music Could Come To Google Home
Google Home smart speakers may soon integrate the possibility to listen to tunes on Apple Music.

(CCM) — Eagle-eyed Google Home users at MacRumors have spotted a potentially emerging capability for Google Home: the ability to stream music using Apple Music.

Previously, Apple Music was only listed in the "limited availability" section of the Google Home mobile application and was "only available on iOS devices." For a short time, Apple Music was listed in a general section of linkable apps in the Google Home control app, but did not give the possibility to connect it. Now, Apple Music has been hidden altogether in the application, suggesting that, if there is to be an update, Apple is playing its cards close to its chest.

Much like Apple Music did with Amazon Echo devices last December, the update appears to suggest that Apple is extending its support of smart speakers outside of its HomePod ecosystem. This would allow it to compete with other streaming services already available on Google Home, like Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, and Deezer.

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