Messenger Rolls Out Hidden Dark Mode

Messenger Rolls Out Hidden Dark Mode
Facebook has introduced to its Messenger service a Dark Mode that is activated via emoji.

(CCM) — Facebook has updated its Messenger app, secretly adding a "true" Dark Mode to the service. This means that Facebook Messenger's Dark Mode features an all-black interface, unlike many whose backgrounds are dark gray. This change follows promises by the company last year to add the option.

As of right now, Messenger does not feature a button to activate Dark Mode. Instead, according to a report by 9to5Mac, it is activated when a user sends a crescent moon emoji in a chat. They may send this emoji to themselves or to another user.

Once they send the moon emoji, the user may tap on it in the thread and they will receive a message notifying them that they have "found Dark Mode!" They can, then, head to Messenger's settings and toggle Dark Mode on or off.

Messenger's integration of this mode falls in with the current trend of app and system developers adopting this feature in their interfaces. Dark Mode has been applauded for its improved text legibility, reduced eye fatigue effects, and reduced battery use.

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