Microsoft Plans Disc-less Xbox Console

Microsoft Plans Disc-less Xbox Console
The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will be the first Xbox console without a disk drive.

(CCM) — Microsoft is developing a new version of its Xbox One S console which will have no disc drive, according to a Windows Central report.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, codenamed "Maverick," will rely on a network connection to download playable content, and Microsoft will use the console to push its Xbox Game Pass digital subscription and its soon-to-be-launched Project xCloud game streaming service.

Dropping the disc drive from the console will allow Microsoft to cut its production costs, and this may be passed on to consumers or used to enable the company to bundle services such as the Xbox Game Pass without increasing the price of the console. It is not yet known whether the console will have any other hardware changes compared to the existing Xbox One S product.

The disc-less console is due to be available for preorders around mid-April 2019, with general availability slated for May 2019, according to the report.

Microsoft is also believed to be working on an Xbox One Fortnite Edition console, which will feature a custom Fortnite design rather than a game bundle, according to the report. Details have not emerged yet about whether the console will be a regular Xbox One S, or an Xbox One X, or even a variant of the new disc-less version.

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