Sony Brings PS4 Remote Play to iOS

Sony Brings PS4 Remote Play to iOS
PlayStation 4 users can now use Sony's Remote Play app to stream games to their iOS devices.

(CCM) — Sony's latest PlayStation 4 firmware update enables Apple iPhone and iPad users to stream games from their consoles to their mobile devices using Sony's new, free, PS4 Remote Play app, according to a Kotaku report.

The 6.50 firmware update, which weighs in at 442 MB, finally allows PS4 owners to stream to their iOS devices "officially." Previously it was only possible using an unofficial third-party app such as R-Play, which is available on the app store for an eye-watering $11.99.

Sony's app uses on-screen controls to allow players to manipulate games. In landscape mode these are superimposed on the game itself, while in portrait mode the game area is smaller and uses only the upper part of the screen, leaving room for touch controls in the lower portion of the screen. It works with the majority of PS4 games now available.

With a fast internet connection the Sony app suffers almost no perceptible lag, but just enough to cause problems for games which require precision timing unless a separate Bluetooth gamepad is used, according to the report.

However, it adds that the Sony app works perfectly with role-playing games, visual novels, and other titles where timing is less critical.

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