Apple Offers 10% Cash Giveaway

Apple Offers 10% Cash Giveaway
Apple ID holders in the U.S. can get free bonus funds just by topping up their account.

(CCM) — Apple is giving a 10% bonus credit to customers who top up their Apple ID account from their credit or debit card for a limited period, The Verge is reporting.

The cash giveaway, which runs through March 14, is open to most users but subject to a few conditions. The maximum top-up that is eligible for the bonus credit is $200, netting an extra $20, and users can only take advantage of the offer one time.

To take advantage of the offer from a mobile device, users need to navigate to Settings, then to iTunes and App Store, then click on Apple ID and View Apple ID. At that point clicking on Add Funds to Apple ID will bring up a screen with the bonus offer along with the terms and conditions. Clicking on one of the amounts to add to the Apple ID account brings up to a prompt to pay using Touch ID.

The offer is also open to desktop iTunes users, by navigating to Account, then View My Account. The Apple ID Account section then offers the option to add funds to the Apple ID account, along with the 10% bonus.

The 10% bonus cash offer is available in the U.S., but not in other English speaking countries such as the U.K., Canada, or Australia. A similar offer in Germany is currently offering Apple users a 15% bonus.

Image: © iStock.