Nintendo Offers Mario Day Discounts

Nintendo Offers Mario Day Discounts
Five Super Mario games are available with a $20 discount until March 16.

(CCM) — Nintendo has decreed that March 10 (Mar10) is Mario Day, and to celebrate the fact the company is offering discounts on a range of games featuring its iconic plumber for a whole week, The Verge is reporting.

The discounts apply to the following games: Super Mario Party; Super Mario Odyssey; Mario Kart 8 Deluxe; Mario Tennis Aces; and New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe. These are available for $39.99 — $20 off their usual price — at Amazon and Walmart (with the exception of the last title, which is available at Amazon only).

Nintendo is also offering a console bundle which includes the Switch console itself as well as one of the above games for $329, representing a saving of an additional $10. The bundle is available online from Walmart, Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, and Target, as well as from bricks and mortar retail outlets.

The Mario Day discounts are available through March 16 and only cover digital game codes rather than physical games. Purchased games can be downloaded from the Nintendo's Switch eShop.

The Mario Day promotion is part of a series of initiatives launched by Sony to keep the Switch console in the public eye. Last week the company announced that it is to bring virtual reality to its console through its Labo VR Kit which includes six projects that users can build.

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