Twitter Unveils Upgraded Camera Feature

Twitter Unveils Upgraded Camera Feature
Twitter users can now swipe left to start capturing video or still images which will appear prominently in feeds.

(CCM) — Twitter has rolled out a new camera feature that it hopes will make it more image-oriented and Instagram-like and less dependent on text, TechCrunch is reporting.

Users can now swipe left from their Twitter timeline to summon a Snapchat-style camera button. Tapping the button takes a picture, while pressing and holding creates looping videos of up to two minutes. A mini-swipe on the button starts a video or audio-only live broadcast (without Periscope branding).

Once photos and videos have been captured, users can overlay location information, a hashtag, or text, on a colored label, according to the report. When this has been tweeted the images are now displayed in other users' feeds in a larger format, appearing before any text in the tweet.

Twitter is not, however, trying to emulate the hugely successful Instagram Stories format or create a dedicated photo feed.

But the company is hoping that the changes will encourage more people to use imagery, making the service more accessible to potential users who may be put off by too much text, the report says. An increase in images and video footage will also make it less intrusive for Twitter to place video ads in users' feeds, creating a valuable potential source of revenue in the future.

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