Pi World Record Smashed

Pi World Record Smashed
A cloud computing system has been used to calculate the value of Pi to 31 trillion digits.

(CCM) — A new record for the number of digits of Pi calculated has been set by a Japanese woman working for Google.

Emma Haruka Iwao has calculated Pi to 31 trillion digits, soundly beating the previous record of 22 trillion digits. The calculation of this number of digits required 170 TB of data, according to a BBC report. To get an idea of the scale of the data involved, 10 TB is enough to score two million music tracks. Reading out the 31 trillion digits would take a person over 300,000 years, the report points out.

Calculating Pi to this number of digits took about four months to complete and involved 25 virtual machines running around the clock in Google's cloud computing service. The new record was announced on March 14, or 3.14, which is known as Pi day because the first three digits of the number are 3,1, and 4.

The BBC report says that in 2010 Yahoo's cloud computing system was used to calculate the two quadrillionth digit of Pi (which is a zero), although the digits in between were not calculated.

Pi is a so-called "irrational" number which has an infinite amount of digits which do not follow any predictable pattern, and it is used in many fields including engineering and physics.

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