AI to Tweak McDonald's Drive-Thru Menus

AI to Tweak McDonald's Drive-Thru Menus
Customers will be encouraged to buy easy-to-prepare items at busy times to reduce queues.

(CCM) — McDonald's plans to use artificial intelligence to tailor the menus displayed at its drive-thru windows to match local conditions and optimize sales, according to a Tech Times report.

The company has acquired New York-based start-up Dynamic Yield for a reported $300 million, and will use its machine learning software to choose which menu items to display at individual outlets. Factors considered will include historical sales data, the popularity of certain items, the time, weather, local events, and traffic conditions, according to the report.

On hot days customers would be likely to be presented with iced coffees or other cold refreshments, while at busy times items that are faster to prepare would be offered, the report said.

The software has already been tested at a limited number of McDonald's stores, and the company plans to roll it out to all 14,000 outlets in the U.S.A. and in some overseas stores. It also plans to build the machine learning software into its app and self-service kiosks.

Daniel Henry, McDonald's' executive vice president, hinted that in the future the company may also employ license plate recognition software to identify customers and customize the menus presented to them based in part on their previous purchasing history, the report added

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