Samsung Nixes Galaxy Fold Crease Rumors

Samsung Nixes Galaxy Fold Crease Rumors
A video released by the company shows screens being stress-tested by robots without any visible creasing.

(CCM) — Samsung has gone on the offensive to refute rumors that its future flagship Galaxy Fold smartphone's screen suffers permanent creasing when folded multiple times.

The company has released a slick video which shows Samsung's folding robots stress-testing Galaxy Fold screens by opening and closing them repeatedly without any permanent creasing visible.

The video gives the first glimpse of the folding screen technology in the Galaxy Fold since the company showcased it briefly earlier this year at its "Unpacked" event in San Francisco.

The video shows that the screens can be folded from tablet to phone mode very quickly, and that the gap between the two facing surfaces when the screen is folded is very small indeed.

The video does not detail how many times the screens undergoing the tests had been folded, but Samsung says that they will be able to cope with 200,000 fold and unfold operations. That means that even if they are folded and unfolded 100 times per day they should still last for over five years of daily use.

The Galaxy Fold can be used in tablet form with a 7.3-inch display, or folded into a phone form with a 4.6-inch screen. The device is due to be released on April 26, priced at $1,980.

Image: © Samsung.