Snake Slithers Onto Google Maps

Snake Slithers Onto Google Maps
Google Maps users can play an updated version of Nokia's classic game to celebrate April Fools' Day.

(CCM) — Google has added a redesigned version of Nokia's iconic Snake game to the mobile versions of the its Maps app as a way of marking April Fool's Day, Cnet is reporting.

To play the game, users need only touch the sidebar option found on the left of the main search bar in Google Maps on iOS or Android, and select the "Play Snake" option.

Google has modified the game slightly in that there is no actual snake this time around. Instead, users guide a public transport vehicle — a London double decker bus, a Tokyo bullet train, or a San Francisco cable car, for example — around their cities picking up passengers on a map.

Users can play in six different cities: Cairo, Sao Paulo, London, Sydney, San Francisco, and Tokyo, according to the report. The game will be available for about a week before being removed, it added.

The Snake mobile phone game first appeared in 1997 on Nokia's hugely popular Nokia 6110 handset.

Last month Microsoft announced that it had banned its employees from perpetrating any April Fools' Day pranks, but Google has clearly decided that it is to continue with the 500-year-old tradition.

Image: © Google.