Gmail Adds Scheduled Email Feature

Gmail Adds Scheduled Email Feature
Gmail users can now write emails and have them delivered at a later date and time.

(CCM) — Gmail has finally introduced the ability to schedule when an email is delivered, 15 years after Google first launched the free service.

It enables users to write messages such as birthday greetings days in advance while ensuring that they do not arrive until the appropriate day. The feature can also be used by business users so that messages sent out of business hours are not delivered to colleagues or customers until the next working day.

The new feature was announced by Jacob Bank, a Google product manager, in a blog post." Just write your email as you normally would, then schedule it to arrive in your recipient’s inbox at a later date and time," he explained.

Bank also announced that Gmail is adding its "Smart Compose" predictive text feature to its Android app, and that it will be added to the iOS version "soon." The feature saves Gmail users from typing over one billion characters every week on the web, he said, and this number is set to rise because "Smart Compose" is now available to users in Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

It can now also suggest subject lines for emails based on the contents of an email that has been composed.

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