Snapchat Status Makes Meetups Easier

Snapchat Status Makes Meetups Easier
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(CCM) — Snapchat is testing a new "Status" feature which makes it easier to meet up with friends who want to hang out while avoiding interuppting dates, Techcrunch is reporting.

The new feature lets users add a Bitmoji depicting what they are doing, such as playing a video game or reading a book, to the Snap Map. Other Bitmojis depict the user holding a sign saying "call me" or "text me."

The thinking behind "Status" is that while the Snap Map shows a user's friends where they are, it does nothing to indicate whether they are hanging out and would like company or whether they are occupied - perhaps having dinner with a boyfriend or girlfriend - and would prefer not to be interrupted.

Snapchat is also testing a feature called "Passport" which compiles a user's activities as indicated by their Bitmoji choices into a private diary, according to the report.

"Passport is Just For You: Passport helps you keep track of the Places you’ve been," the introduction to the feature explains. "Places you set your Status at will be added to your Passport along with who you were there with. Only you can see your Passport, and you can delete a Place from your history at any time."

A Snapchat spokesperson confirmed to Techcrunch that the new feature is being tested with a limited number of Snapchat users in Australia, but gave no indication of if or when the "Status" feature will be made available globally to all users.

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