Snapchat Released All-New Android App

Snapchat Released All-New Android App
Snap's re-engineered Android Snapchat app has been designed to run on a par with the iOS version.

(CCM) — Snap has unleashed a completely re-written Snapchat app for Android, which it promises will improve performance to the level enjoyed by users of the iOS Snapchat app.

The new app has been under development for over a year, because attempts to modify the old app code to improve performance were unsuccessful. There are very few changes in terms of the look of the app or features, but the new app is designed to be faster and less bug-ridden. It has also been designed to work well with the huge variety of hardware such as cameras and processors that are used in different smartphones running Android.

Future updates to the Android Snapchat app will also be easier, meaning that new features will not always come to the iOS version first. "With this new foundation I wouldn’t be surprised if you actually see things starting to come to Android even before iOS sometimes," Jacob Andreou, a Snapchat vice president, said in a Verge report.

But some users are still not happy. "The iOS version is still faster on phones that aren't even supported anymore, the redesign is missing features, and camera quality is still terrible. Why is this so hard for you?" was one user's comment, replying to Snaps tweet announcing the new release.

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