Sony Builds Monster 16K TV Screen

Sony Builds Monster 16K TV Screen
The record-breaking 63ft display screen is longer than a bus and is two storeys high.

(CCM) — Sony is about to complete the construction of the world's biggest 16K "super resolution" screen at a research center in Yokohama, Japan, according to the BBC report.

The screen, which is 63ft long and 17ft high, has 15,360 horizontal pixels and 8,640 vertical ones, giving it a total of 132.7 megapixels. This is 64 times the resolution of a high definition TV and 16 times the resolution of a cutting edge 4K consumer television. That means that the screen can be viewed from up close while its image remains crystal clear.

The screen is so large that it is spans the height of two floors in the building where it is being installed.

"When you get to this resolution it delivers almost a quasi-virtual reality experience as your eyes perceive there to be depth to the content," David Mercer, a consultant at Strategy Analytics, said in the report.

He added that it is likely to be about ten years before 8K TVs become commonplace, so 16K screens are unlikely to make it into homes for the foreseeable future.

"But there's no doubt about it," he added, "these displays are incredibly impressive in person - even 8K on a big display is almost mesmerising."

Image: © Sony.