Huawei Woos Apple with 5G Modems

Huawei Woos Apple with 5G Modems
Apple risks being left behind by other smartphone makers if it cannot find a supply of 5G modems.

(CCM) — Chinese telecommunications vendor Huawei has abandoned its policy of refusing to supply its chips to third parties and has offered Apple a supply of its 5G Balong 5000 chipsets for the next generation of iPhones, according to a Tech Times report.

Apple currently looks like it will be unable to sell 5G iPhones before 2020 because it is locked in a legal dispute with Qualcomm - which has developed a 5G platform - while Samsung seems unlikely to supply 5G technology to its smartphone arch-rival. Apple has also declined to use MediaTek's 5G silicon.

That leaves Intel as the obvious 5G platform supplier for Apple, but the company has reportedly been hit by delays in its production plans. Intel denies these claims, the report adds.

Choosing Huawei as a technology partner would be hugely controversial for Apple, because the Chinese company has been banned from supplying 5G infrastructure in countries including the U.S. and Australia over national security concerns.

Without a reliable supply of 5G chips, Apple risks being left behind as rival smartphone makers introduce 5G handsets this year to take advantage of the new 5G networks which are beginning to appear.

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