Apple Plans to Break Up iTunes

Apple Plans to Break Up iTunes
The program will be split into three new apps, leaving a rump iTunes app for device syncing, a report says.

(CCM) — Apple's venerable iTunes media management application's days appear to be numbered following reports that the company plans to spit the program into three separate apps.

iTunes will be broken up and turned into separate Music, TV, and Podcasts apps when the next version of MacOS is released, according to The Verge. If true then it is likely that the Windows version of iTunes will get similar treatment.

The new applications will be examples of Apple's Marzipan project, which aims to produce software with a core codebase that can be run on Apple Mac computers running MacOS and iPads and iPhones running iOS.

The move is interesting because Apple is increasingly focusing on services with its Apple Music and Apple TV Plus subscription offerings, so separate apps for these services make sense.

iTunes is also unpopular and now more than a decade old, so it is unlikely that Apple will face much resistance to an imminent overhaul from its users.

But the plans do not mean that iTunes will disappear completely, because the application will remain the only way to sync content on iPods and older iOS devices.

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