Apple Fights Subscription Scammers

Apple Fights Subscription Scammers
A new popup is designed to prevent iPhone users from being tricked into subscribing to services they do not want.

(CCM) — Apple has launched an all-out attack on scammers and unscrupulous developers who try to trick iPhone owners into committing to unwanted subscription fees.

The company has introduced an extra step in the subscription process in the App Store, in the form of a popup screen which asks users to confirm that they wish to subscribe to a service after authenticating themselves using Touch ID or Face ID, Engadget is reporting.

It reads: "The subscription will continue unless canceled in Settings at least one day before a subscription period ends." Users must then press on either "OK" to proceed, or "Cancel" to stop the subscription process.

The new popup is intended to prevent iPhone users from entering into a subscription involuntarily when they see a subscription popup in an app. Many users simply press the Home button to try to exit the app, but by placing a finger on the Home button they inadvertently enable Touch ID to authenticate the transaction and start a subscription.

The new popup follows an earlier attempt by Apple to prevent unwanted subscriptions by banning apps that hide subscription fees in small print to trick users into "agreeing" to subscribe for higher amounts than they expected, the report adds.

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