Sony Moves In On E-Sports Spectator Tech

Sony Moves In On E-Sports Spectator Tech
Sony has filed for a patent for immersive e-sports spectator technology for the PlayStation VR.

(CCM) — Sony is embarking on the new frontier of sports — the increasingly popular e-sports — and is looking for ways to boost the spectator experience. Sony has applied for a patent for virtual reality technology that would allow people to watch e-sports tournaments using their PlayStation VR headsets.

According to a report by VentureBeat, the patent application, called "Spectator View Into An Interactive Gaming World Showcased In A Live Event Held In A Real-World Venue," describes multi-camera technology in an arena that would make the VR user feel as though they are attending the e-sports tournament.

The cameras and the microphones would be embedded in the seats, which will also be equipped with a proximity sensor allowing the seats to detect when real people are using them to determine whether the spot should be used for broadcast. The patent also describes letting VR users see inside the game being played, potentially allowing them to toggle between an audience view and an in-game view. Additionally, the patent imagines hybrid modes that include elements of the game appearing in virtual augmented reality around the arena.

The exact events that will be streamed on the service remains unclear, but information in the patent application suggests that Sony will leverage it to boost its own PlayStation services.

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