Netflix to Finally Reveal Viewership Data

Netflix to Finally Reveal Viewership Data
Netflix has revealed plans to be more transparent about its viewer figures.

(CCM) — Netflix has been notoriously tight-lipped about the viewer statistics for its original shows and movies, even as it has begun to win prestigious awards and to be accepted in traditional TV and film circles. However, according to a report by the Daily Mail, chief content officer Ted Sarandos pointed to the company's initiative to be "more fully transparent about what people are watching on Netflix around the world."

As part of the transparency initiative, Netflix will be releasing granular data and reporting "soon," beginning with producers, followed by subscribers, then press. To calculate views, Netflix considers that a user must surpass 70% of the total running time of the show or movie, with each account being only counted once, despite potential multiple views and viewers.

This will allow the public to better understand which content is the most popular and with whom, information that is currently unavailable. Additionally, this will allow the company to back up its sometimes-boastful claims about its robust viewership.

It is yet unclear how exactly Netflix will go about collecting and classifying this viewership data. The company has also yet to confirm for which programs it will be releasing this information, or if it will be released across the board for all original content.

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