OnePlus 7 Pro Targets Apple and Samsung

OnePlus 7 Pro Targets Apple and Samsung
The new flagship smartphone from OnePlus will feature an ultra-smooth 90 Hz screen, a report says.

(CCM) — Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus is abandoning its "budget smartphone" strategy and has Apple and Samsung firmly in its sights with its flagship OnePlus 7 Pro handset.

The new phone will be 5G-capable, according to a Verge report, but its key feature will be a very high quality screen. This is likely to run at 90 Hz, making motion much clearer than conventional 60 Hz screens, Pete Lau, the company's chief executive, hinted.

"Excited to share the next product from OnePlus will unleash a new era of Fast and Smooth. Especially Smooth! Smooth is more challenging than Fast - a true test of hardware and software," he said in a Tweet.

The high quality screen will cost three times more than a conventional screen, according to the report, but OnePlus also plans to release a lower cost OnePlus 7 handset which does not use the 90 Hz screen technology.

Both models are expected to be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 processor. The lower cost model will ship with a more than ample 6 GB of RAM, while the flagship will come with a huge 10 GB RAM stash.

Both smartphones are expected to launch in the U.S. on May 14, 2019, with expected pricing well in excess of the current OnePlus 6T's $549 tag.

Image: © OnePlus.