Frontier Finalizes Stunning Zoo Sim

Frontier Finalizes Stunning Zoo Sim
Planet Zoo offers unprecedented detail and multiple challenges including managing animal breeding programs.

(CCM) — UK games developer Frontier has taken the wraps off its forthcoming Planet Zoo animal and zoo management sim in a trailer released on YouTube, Eurogamer is reporting.

The company has previously released a series of sims including Zoo Tycoon, but Planet Zoo is different in that animal welfare is a top priority for players. The sim has been built using an unprecedented level of detail, resulting in what Frontier says is "the most authentic, most realistic animals in any game."

Every animal has an information panel detailing its complex needs, such as the ideal amount of grass or water, the report says. Their behaviors are influenced by many factors including temperature, and since Planet Zoo has its own weather system this poses multiple challenges to players managing the zoo.

Every animal in the game also has its own name, personality, and genome, the report says, dictating factors including appearance, longevity, size, and fertility. One of the most important tasks in the game is managing breeding to ensure offspring are healthy and to avoid inbreeding.

"Our goal originally, and still, has been to try to create an authentic zoo experience where the animals are central to the game and they feel real and look real and behave in a real way," Piers Jackson, the game's director, explained in the report.

Planet Zoo is due to be released for the Windows PC platform towards the end of this year.

Image: © Frontier.