Instagram Launches Story Quiz Stickers

Instagram Launches Story Quiz Stickers
Putting quiz stickers in stories will enable users to educate their fans and encourage them to interact.

(CCM) — Instagram now lets users ask their followers questions about them using quiz stickers designed to be inserted into Stories, the company has announced in a tweet.

The stickers can be added to Stories by selecting them from Instagram's sticker tray after the user has taken a video or photo. They work similarly to other Instragram interactive stickers such as the poll sticker and the emoji slider.

That means that each quiz sticker poses a question about the user, with a minimum of two and a maximum of four possible answers for users to select from. When anyone interacts with the quiz sticker, the user can see their answer in the Story viewer list.

The purpose of Story quiz stickers is to encourage users to engage and interact with a Story. This interaction is noted by Instragram's algorithms, which may cause the Story to rank more highly in users' story carousels.

Quiz stickers can also be a useful way for users to educate their followers and to spot their most ardent fans.

The new Story quiz stickers are available now to all Instagram users after updating to the latest version of the iOS or Android apps.

Image: © Instagram.