Apple Cracks Down on Screen Time Rivals

Apple Cracks Down on Screen Time Rivals
Apple bans apps which help parents prevent children from accessing pornography.

(CCM) — Apple has incurred the wrath of many responsible fathers and mothers by banning third party apps which allow parents to control their children's smartphone usage, The New York Times is reporting. At least 11 of the 17 most popular parental control apps have been removed from the App Store or their functionality severely restricted by Apple, the report says.

For example, Apple has forced some developers to remove features in their apps which allowed parents to block access to adult content and certain apps.

Apple recently introduced its own usage control app called Screen Time with the release of iOS 12, but this has more limited options than many of the popular apps which have been removed. Some of the developers believe that their apps have been pulled from the App Store because they could harm Apple's business, according to the report.

"Their incentives aren’t really aligned for helping people solve their problem, Fred Stutzman, chief executive of a company whose app was removed by Apple, said in the report. "Can you really trust that Apple wants people to spend less time on their phones?"

But an Apple spokesperson said that the apps had been removed or restricted because they had access to too much of users' information, and Apple's actions were unrelated to the introduction of Screen Time.

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