Windows 10 Storage Requirement Explodes

Windows 10 Storage Requirement Explodes
The Windows 10 May update will need around twice as much storage space as the previous version.

(CCM) — Microsoft's flagship Windows 10 operating system is acquiring a middle-age spread, a company advisory has revealed.

The Windows 10 May 2019 update, version 1903, will require a minimum of 32 GB of storage space, up from 16 GB for the previous 32-bit version of the operating system and 20 GB for the 64 GB version.

It is not clear exactly why so much more storage space is now required, although the new "Reserved Storage" feature takes up about 7 GB of space for updates, temporary files, and system cache. It may be possible to disable the feature, however.

Most modern systems are likely to have more than 32 GB of disk space, but older systems could run into difficulties because of the new storage requirements – especially machines fitted with low capacity solid state drives.

But this storage requirement increase could just be the first of many, according to Windows commentator Paul Thurrott. Discussing the issue on, he said: "Given the way storage is trending, I’m surprised it took so long to get to 32 GB, and I see a 64 GB minimum happening in the near future."

Windows 10 users without enough storage space to run the update are recommended to upgrade their systems' storage, because version 1903 includes various security updates which reduce the likelihood of becoming victim to a hacker attack.

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