Samsung Unveils Orientation-Shifting TV

Samsung Unveils Orientation-Shifting TV
The Sero TV can be rotated to a portrait orientation to display videos and other content caputured on smartphones.

(CCM) — Samsung has been showing off a new television set with a screen which can rotate by 90 degrees to switch from a standard landscape mode to a vertical portrait mode for displaying smartphone content, according to a BBC report.

The new 43-inch Sero TV will initially only be available in South Korea, where mobile phone usage is extremely high. It will go on sale there in May, priced at 1.89 million won (about $1,600), supplied with an eisel-like stand which can hold the television in either orientation.

The Sero can also be used to display photographs, a clock face, and other images, the report says.

The television itself will include an integral microphone and will have Bixby, Samsung's intelligent assistant, built in.

However, Matthew Rubin, a commentator at market research firm Future Source, doubts whether there is a viable market for the product outside the south-east Asian country.

"The use case for the Sero, beyond that of a regular landscape position TV, is limited, especially with a relatively high price tag," he said in the report. "A lot of content from the likes of YouTube is already in landscape mode."

Image: © Samsung.