Harry Potter AR Game Debuts Down Under

Harry Potter AR Game Debuts Down Under
Antipodean gamers have begun testing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite — Niantic's latest augemented reality adventure .

(CCM) — Game developer Niantic, best known for its Pokémon Go augmented reality game, has made its new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite AR game available in Australia and New Zealand in a test release, Engadget is reporting. Smartphone owners in those two countries can now download the title from the Apple App Store or Google Play and start testing out their magical powers.

The game involves players walking around in the real world, Pokémon Go-style, to capture and subdue rogue magical creatures and objects that have escaped the wizarding world after an event known as the "Calamity," according to the report. These can be seen on the smartphone's screen, superimposed on the local environment.

Since this is only a beta release, players should expect to encounter bugs and other problems which Niantic will hope to iron out before the final release. The company says that the available features, design, and look and feel may also change before the final release, based on feedback from Australian and New Zealander players.

Niantic has not announced a general release date for the game, but Potter fans can sign up for news updates at www.harrypotterwizardsunite.com and pre-register for the Android version of the game on Google Play.

Image: © Niantic.