Super Mario Kart Hits Hall of Fame

Super Mario Kart Hits Hall of Fame
Super Mario Kart has spawned a dozen other titles that have sold a total of more than 100 million units.

(CCM) — Super Mario Kart, Nintendo's 1992 smash hit for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), is one of four classic games that have been inducted into the The National Museum of Play's World Video Game Hall of Fame.

"Super Mario Kart truly excelled as a social game that appealed to players of all skill levels, especially with its engaging multi-player settings," explained Julia Novakovic, the museum's archivist. "It invited friends, family, and gaming fans of all ages along for an unforgettable ride that has made it the longest-running racing series in gaming history."

Super Mario is joined by two familiar titles: Mortal Kombat and Microsoft Solitaire, and one lesser known one: Colossal Cave Adventure, a text-based adventure game from 1976 which "paved the way for an entire genre of fantasy and adventure games, and it directly inspired other pioneering titles, such as Adventureland and Zork," the museum explained.

The choice of Microsoft Solitaire is a controversial one, because it is essentially an analog game that has been brought into the digital world. But the museum's Jeremy Saucier explained that it is an important title because it has been distributed on over one billion computer since 1990 and is played 35 billion times every year. "In many ways, it helped pave the way for the growth of the casual gaming market that remains so popular today," he said.

Image: © National Museum of Play.