Pornhub Considers Buying Tumblr

Pornhub Considers Buying Tumblr
The Verizon-owned microblogging site once favored by adult content aficionados is up for sale.

(CCM) — Pornography streaming site Pornhub is mooting the acquisition of Tumblr, the social networking and microblogging platform owned by Verizon, according to a Buzzfeed report.

Verizon acquired Tumblr two years ago when it bought Yahoo! in a $4.5 billion deal. But although it still has an active user base with more than 450 million blogs and 172 billion posts, Tumblr's popularity has declined sharply since December 2018, when Verizon decided to block adult content from the service.

Corey Price, Pornhub's vice president, said in the report that the ban on adult content would be overturned if it does buy Tumblr.

"Tumblr was a safe haven for those who wanted to explore and express their sexuality, adult entertainment aficionados included," he said. "We’ve long been dismayed that such measures were taken to eradicate erotic communities on the platform, leaving many individuals without an asylum through which they could comfortably peruse adult content."

Tumblr was originally bought by Yahoo! for $1.1 billion as part of a buying spree in 2013, but Yahoo! was unable to generate significant revenues from it and by 2016 its value had been written down to just $230 million.

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