Microsoft Abandons Forced Updates

Microsoft Abandons Forced Updates
Users can now delay installing Windows 10 feature updates for up to 18 months.

(CCM) — Microsoft has finally abandoned its tactic of foisting Windows 10 feature updates on people and organizations which would rather not have them, Computerworld is reporting.

The company issues these significant updates which introduce new features and capabilities to Windows 10 every six months, and there is no convenient way to prevent them being installed automatically. But these feature updates can cause huge problems: the October 2018 Update deleted some users' files without their knowledge, while the April 2018 Update caused some users' computers to crash and display the Windows "blue screen of death."

But now Microsoft says that when a feature update is ready for release it will offer users a "Download and install now" message. By ignoring the message, users can choose to wait and download it at some point in the future instead. The limit of this waiting period is 18 months after the currently installed version of Windows 10 was first released, because after that time no further security updates are issued.

Microsoft is also changing the way its monthly "patch Tuesday" updates are installed. Although these will still be obligatory for security reasons, users can now delay their installation for up to 35 days, the report says.

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