Google Assistant Gets Driving Mode

Google Assistant Gets Driving Mode
After invoking driving mode users will have easy access to navigation, communication, and media functions.

(CCM) — Google has launched an assault on the automobile market with the announcement that its Assistant is to get a dedicated "driving mode" within the next few weeks.

Driving mode will be available on any Android phone which features the Assistant, and it consists of a "thoughtfully designed dashboard" with personalized suggestions for navigation, messaging, calling, and media. It will be able to pick up playing music and other media where the user previously left off, just like the most recent version of Android Auto.

Driving mode can be activated by saying "Hey Google, let's drive!", the company announced at its I/O developer conference in California.

Google Assistant already works with Android Auto and Google Maps, but Google also announced that the Assistant will also be integrated with Waze, the navigation app which Google acquired in 2013. This will allow users to contribute information such as crashes or hold ups using only their voice.

The Assistant's new mode will provide Google with a presence on the dashboards of the millions of older cars and trucks which are not equipped with touchscreens. Android Auto is available on about 500 modern car models from about 50 different automobile manufacturers.

Image: © Wikimedia.