Nike Tests Tech with Nike Fit

Nike Tests Tech with Nike Fit
Nike is trying its hand at offering tech solutions with its forthcoming Nike Fit.

(CCM) — Nike has announced the forthcoming arrival of its Nike Fit program. This announcement follows recent technological innovation efforts by the sports brand, like the opening of its gigantesque Nike House of Innovation in New York City.

The solution will be proposed natively in the Nike app when a user goes to choose their shoe size at the end of a purchase. It appears in the form of a scanning solution that leverages a combination of computer vision, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and recommendation algorithms.

The goal of the program is to recommend the perfect fit for each Nike shoe style. Nike Fit does this by using the user's phone camera to measure 13 data points in a matter of seconds to create a complete image of both feet. This ultra-accurate scan of the user's feet can, then, be saved in their NikePlus member profile to be used for future online and in-store shopping.

"The ultimate goal is to, eventually, totally personalize product. No number, no gender, just your name and a custom-made pair of shoes," says Nike in an official blog post announcing the app.

Image: © Nike.