Firefox Gets Huge Speed Boost

Firefox Gets Huge Speed Boost
A new 'just-in-time' strategy means the browser delays many operations so that it starts up more quickly.

(CCM) — The latest version of the Firefox browser is bursting out of the blocks and promises users massive performance gains, Marissa Wood, Firefox's vice president of product management, is pledging.

Mozilla's developers have been concentrating on optimizing Firefox for speed to help it compete with Google's Chrome browser, resulting in Instagram, Amazon, and Google scripts which load up to 80 per cent faster than before.

The browser now starts up much more quickly, even for those who have add-ons installed, according to the report. "We’ve made it so that the browser skips a bunch of unnecessary work during subsequent start-ups," Marissa Wood, Firefox's vice president of product management, explained.

As well as eliminating bottlenecks, the developers have made subtle changes such as setting the auto-fill module to wait until there is a form that needs filling on a page before loading.

Mozilla has also suspended idle tabs in the browser when users have less than 400 MB of free RAM left on their system, which should improve performance for those who do not have large amounts of RAM available on their systems.

In terms of security, Firefox can now block scripts that hijack users' CPUs to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, which can seriously harm system performance.

All of these improvements are available now in Firefox 67, released yesterday.

Image: © Mozilla Corporation.