Virus Laptop Auction Reaches $1 million

Virus Laptop Auction Reaches $1 million
The infected laptop is being sold as a living work of art and has been 'airgapped' from the internet.

(CCM) — A laptop which has deliberately been infected with six highly infectious computer viruses has attracted bids of over $1 million at an auction in the U.S., according to a BBC report. The 11-year-old Samsung computer is being sold as a work of art by artist Guo O Don and Deep Instinct, a New York-based security company

It is designed to be "a kind of bestiary, a catalogue of historical threats," Guo said in the report. "It's more exciting to see the beasts in a live environment," he added.

The six viruses on the laptop are WannaCry, ILoveYou, MyDoom, SoBig, DarkTequila, and BlackEnergy.

The report says that since it is illegal to sell malware for the purpose of causing damage the terms of the auction state that the laptop must be purchased "as a piece of art or for academic reasons," and when the auction is competed the laptop will be shipped to the buyer with its internet connectivity disabled to prevent it from infecting other computers on the internet.

But one security expert, Kevin Beaumont, pointed out the any computer owner could collect the six viruses at very little cost. "If you want to save a million dollars, you could connect a laptop to the internet without antivirus software and security patches and leave it a few days for a similar infestation," he said in the report.

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