Nvidia Promises Something Super

Nvidia Promises Something Super
A YouTube video hints that Nvidia is going to announce something groundbreaking at Computex in Taiwan.

(CCM) — Nvidia has started to ramp up excitement for its Computex press event which will be held in Taiwan next week by releasing a short teaser video on YouTube. This promises that "something super is coming." The clip reveals a metallic surface with the word "super" embossed on it.

There is no indication in the video of what super thing is on its way, and it is possible that it is a completely new product that will take the market by surprise. But speculation is rife that the company plans to upgrade some or all of its GeForce RTX line of graphics cards to faster 16 Gbps memory, which would be a significant enhancement compared to the 14 Gbps memory installed on the cards that are currently available. This would result in graphics performance that could be up to 14 percent faster than that which is available in the current line.

Other commentators suggest that Nvidia plans to increase the clock speeds of its graphics processing units (GPUs) to match the increased memory performance.

Whatever super innovations are unveiled, it is likely that the intention is to enable Nvidia to keep its RTX graphics card line ahead of arch-rival AMD's soon-to-be-released Navi-based graphics products, while remaining price competitive.

Image: © Nvidia.