Android and Chrome OS to Get Closer

Android and Chrome OS to Get Closer
Google wants Chromebooks and Android smartphones to work closely together, like Macbooks and iPhones.

(CCM) — Chrome OS and Android will work much more closely with each other following a series of planned upgrades codenamed OneChrome, Techradar is reporting.

New code snippets have been discovered, the report says, which show that Google is seeking to emulate the way Apple has linked its iOS mobile operating system and MacOS, its laptop and desktop operating system, although there is no clear indication of when the upgrades will be ready for release.

An Apple user can already click on a phone number on a web page on their laptop to start a call on their iPhone, share Wi-Fi passwords between their two devices, and even share information between them using a universal clipboard. It is likely that Google will either copy these features exactly or introduce functionality based on them to enhance the value of Chromebooks and Android devices when they are used together.

It could also introduce other integrations between Chrome OS and Android such as the ability to launch instant tethering from a registered phone, or the sideloading of Android apps directly onto Chromebooks.

Google has already ensured that connections between Android and Chome OS are encrypted, so any data shared between devices running the two operating systems should be highly secure.

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