Huawei Faces SD and microSD Card Ban

Huawei Faces SD and microSD Card Ban
Huawei may be forced to find an alternative technology to boost the storage capacity of its phones.

(CCM) — Huawei may be barred from using SD cards, or the smaller microSD card variant, following action taken by the SD Association, according to an Android Authority report.

The SD Association sets the standards for the two types of memory cards, but it has recently removed Huawei from its membership list to comply with the U.S. government's ban on transferring technology to the smartphone maker. Companies which are not members of the SD Association are not permitted to produce and sell devices which support SD cards using SD standards.

Huawei said in the report that "the use of of SD cards on Huawei smartphone won’t be affected. Consumers can continue purchasing and using these products," but declined to say whether new Huawei phones would still support SD cards.

The ban would mainly affect low and mid-range smartphones which rely in the use of memory cards to boost the devices' limited internal storage. But Huawei could get around the ban by using alternative forms of memory cards or create its own proprietary ones. However the company may face resistance from customers because SD and microSD cards are ubiquitous and available at very low cost.

In a further setback for the beleaguered Chinese company, the WiFi Alliance — which develops standards for wireless networking used by mobile devices — has also excluded Huawei from its membership list.

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