ByteDance Plans TikTok Smartphone

ByteDance Plans TikTok Smartphone
The Chinese company wants to sell an own-brand smartphone pre-loaded with apps like TikTok and

(CCM) — ByteDance, the Chinese company behind the popular TikTok short video sharing app, is planning to take on the likes of Apple and Samsung by developing a smartphone of its own, according to a report in the Financial Times.

The company envisages offering a phone which will come pre-loaded with ByteDance apps including TikTok and lip-syncing app which it acquired in 2017, and to do this it has acquired a number of patents from Chinese phone-maker Smartisan, along with some of its staff.

But analysts are skeptical about the chances of ByteDance succeeding, given that both Facebook and Amazon failed with their respective own-brand smartphones. "There’s basically no space for them in the mass market," Jia Mo, a Shanghai-based analyst at Canalys, said in the report. "If they target only the niche market, maybe they have a chance by attracting niche customer groups through certain pre-installed software," he added.

Another analyst, Wang Xi, who is a research manager at IDC China, believes that to succeed ByteDance will have to price its phone very competitively. "If they really will go down this path, I think they will probably let hardware lose money in the beginning and try to make up through service later," he said.

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