Nintendo Unveils Pokémon Cloud Home

Nintendo Unveils Pokémon Cloud Home
Pokémon trainers will be able to access their creatures on different devices by connecting to the new cloud service.

(CCM) — Pokémon trainers will soon be able to store and share their pocket monsters across different game platforms using a new cloud-based service called Pokémon Home.

The new service was unveiled by Nintendo at a press conference in Tokyo yesterday, Kotaku is reporting. As well as enabling players to access their Pokémon on different game devices by connecting to Pokémon Home over the internet, the new service will also offer some social functionality, the report says.

Nintendo also took the wraps of Pokémon Sleep, a new game which effects Pokémon gameplay according to the amount of sleep a user has and the time they wake up. A new bedside device called Pokémon GO Plus + will launch the app and use an embedded accelerometer to track the user's sleeping time and transmit this data to their phone using Bluetooth, according to the report.

To coincide with this announcement, Pokémon trainers may now encounter Snorlax creatures which are lying down, fast asleep, when the play Pokémon GO.

The company also announced another mobile game called Pokémon Masters, which features a collection of the series' trainers and their key Pokémon. Details of the game are scant, but it appears to concentrate on 3 vs 3 battles. More details will be available when the game launches later this year.

Image: © Nintendo.