AI Beats Humans at Quake III

AI Beats Humans at Quake III
Google's artificial intelligence can win at Quake III in a team with humans, or with other AI agents.

(CCM) — Not satisfied with beating humans at chess and Go, Google's DeepMind artificial intelligence has learned how to play, and beat, humans at the "capture the flag" mode of multiplayer video game Quake III.

DeepMind uses agents to represent players in the game, and these agents can play with or against human opponents, according to an Engadget report. The agents carried out 450,000 training games of "capture the flag" over a period of a few weeks before mastering the game.

The AI agents began by carrying out random movements, but eventually taught themselves winning strategies so that they could exceed the win-rate of humans in maps that neither the agent nor the human players had seen previously, according to the report. They can even adapt to teammates with "arbitrary skills," Wojciech Czarnecki, a DeepMind researcher, said in the report. This is important as it is extremely difficult to train an AI to carry out tasks that require teamwork, the report points out.

In the future, Google may be able to use the skills developed by DeepMind playing games to control warehouse robots that need to work together, or to help groups of self-driving cars to navigate in heavy traffic.

Image: © DeepMind.